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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Josephine's Christmas Tree

I have been working on this pattern and still will create more of different sizes of trees, this is done is size 40 thread and I liked the little bird so much I changed it
a bit to look like a red cardinal.

I bought this beautiful golden thread and it is very tiny and looked perfect for tatting, but it shreds up
when pulling a ring or sliding the knots on a chain
so that just leaves knotting tiny seed beads and using this as garland. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pin-chick Picked Buttons again.

                                    I saw it and just had to make it. I am a button collector too :) 

There's  more, I added a small pocket from an old shirt sleave and with right sides sewn together.....

When turned, now you see the back side, and I started this doily from the book "Tatting Mastery" page 100 it is a one shuttle pattern, which I think is my favorite kind of tatting. But making mistakes and not thrilled with the thread
so I decided to stop. It just happen to fit under the pocket.

Adding a stiff card stock or plastic helps stop needle when sewing it on :) 

I made another page and sewed this tab so another page or two on.

I am not finished cause I am not sure if to make this a little first aid kit tatting take along book or needle book :)

Most Items are recycled and the cross-stitching was even bought at yard sell too :)
Check out the wonderful other pins from:
and last, and the one you can contact with easy detail for joining Pinchicks

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another little Angel

I have sewn these angles to a card stock paper,
of course I added some more beads.
I used the gold for a halo effect.
I was giving this pattern and was told it was a free pattern so here it is below

below is  a requests for information about to pictures 
The snow flake in the left hand corner is  really a motif from a book called" Tatted Artistry " ,
and the beaded work is a Gamayun and she is from Russian Folklore and from some writings I have read, she was worn on the crowns of princesses to protect and give wisdom etc. Some more information located here

Thursday, November 17, 2016

She Comes With The Snow

She is finished and tatted hair braid too :)

Her face is as big as a quarter.

I really did not do any snowflakes this year, but had them left over from last year, two of them are patterns, and two are some I made up from edgings from antique pattern library, a German book, as I recall.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Cleaning Off Shuttles

The little bird is from the Christmas tree pattern a couple posts back.

the Secret Door Pattern I bought from imsooming I put a different type of stiffener on this, so some glue did show through.

You do need to pin out these little beauties 
pattern is free and on the web sight listed but it is a little trouble getting there. and this was found on Pinterest.

I love these and they are quick and easy to tat up and I will combine them with my little flowers
Have a great day!

U.S.A. Veterans Day!

My Grandfather, Dad, and Brother Severed  This is also another reason I did not want Hilliary for President you can read my brothers statement Here! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016


In this book, "Mastering Tatting" by Lindsay Rodgers

She describes Cornflowers as flowers the grow beneath her corn, 

I thought of the blue flowers called "Cornflower" wonder if that is how the got their name?
Wow it is check it out here looks like they are endangered flowers too 
that's why I didn't make so many blue one :)

This many pictures you can tell I love this doily
have a wonderful Day!